Legal Practice Areas

At the Law Office of John Nwosu PLLC, we are committed to providing high-quality legal representation and personalized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our experienced law firm in Dallas, Texas, has expertise in a wide range of practice areas, allowing us to effectively address various legal issues and challenges. We specialize in providing comprehensive family law services, which constitute 80% of our practice. Our dedicated team is also equipped to handle immigration law and personal injury cases, each representing 10% of our focus.

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Family Law

Family law disputes can be the most overwhelming and personal process you and your family may have to go through.

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Immigration Law

The Law Office of John Nwosu, PLLC, is a trusted partner for all our clients who are navigating the difficult and complicated situations arising from immigration law matters.

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Personal Injury

The Law Office of John Nwosu, PLLC, fiercely protects our client’s rights and is dedicated to pursuing full compensation for all injuries as a result of other people’s negligence.