Child Custody

In the state of Texas, child custody is referred to as “conservatorship”. Conservatorship includes various rights, including but not limited to the right to make important decisions for a child, receive information about the child’s welfare, have access to the child’s medical and educational records, as well as give consent to medical treatment.

In a child custody case, your child’s emotional, mental, and physical care needs to be protected both during and after divorce proceedings or conservatorship matters. Our lawyers at Law Office of John Nwosu can help you fight to protect your child’s best interests.

There are different forms of child custody that can be decided for you and your ex-partner:

  • Sole custody: one parent is the lone parent who can make decisions pertaining to the children.
  • Split custody: there are two children and each parent has sole custody of one child.
  • Joint custody: pertains to legal custody to make decisions for the child, physical custody where the child lives, and a combination of legal and physical custody.

If both parents are prepared to amicably co-parent the children, a joint managing conservatorship can be beneficial. However, if it is in your child’s best interests to remain in your care alone, we can also discuss sole managing conservatorship. Parents often try to design their own plan for conservatorship, but if they cannot resolve their differences, a judge or jury may decide the matter.

It is best to hire an experienced attorney to help resolve conservatorship matters. Book a paid consultation via one of the options below. We will contact you to discuss the best approach to gain custody of your child. Speak soon!